How to Draw Howleen Wolf, Monster High


The first thing you want to do is draw an outlined shape for her head then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the body guide.


Now that we have the basic guides made, we can start with drawing the actual character. Begin with drawing out the structure of her face, then draw in the curly hair which is in the middle of the head. The right side is going to be pulled in or combe   


Using the facial guidelines begin drawing out her large catty looking eyes. The lashes should be simple and spaced like so, and the eye lining should be dark or bold. Draw in her heart shaped top lip, then proceed to step four.


You will completely draw out her hairstyle and as you can see it is crimpy or has a tight curl. The ears should be drawn in as well. And you will also have to add some detailing to her ears, hair and eyes. Draw in the eyebrows, then finish off her mo   


Draw out her long slender neck, then draw in the vest, skinny arm and the rest of her torso.


Next, draw the right side of her vest by sketching out the collar. Draw in her arm, and make the loop for the hoodie that is seen in the back. Add some jewelry like so, then proceed to step seven.


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw in her arm which is raised going toward her hair curl. Draw in the hand as well as her bracelets. Finish off the hair then start erasing your mistakes.


Here is Howleen when you are all done. Now you can color her in and add her to the Monster High gang.

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September 17, 2012

Description: We are approaching October once again and with this spooky month we will be enjoying October 31st. I have gotten so many requests for me to make more Monster High characters or the ones that I don't have yet. After waiting a while to see how many people would actually enjoy a few tuts on some ghoulish figures, I decided that twenty was enough so here is the first of the two female figures that I will be uploading today. I will start with "how to draw Howleen Wolf", step by step. She is the baby sister to Clawdeen and Clawd Wolf. She made her debut appearance in a television special that aired for Halloween back in 2011 or last year. Like a lot of younger sisters, Howleen likes to sneak around and “borrow” her sisters clothes which gets Clawdeen ripping at times. I like her style because it is hip, cute and pretty colorful. Her hair is short but curly, and one of her ears flops down which makes her look like a baby sister. Like all the other Monster High characters, Howleen also has a pet and it's a pet hedgehog named Cushion. If you are a fan of Monster High you will be pleased to see this tutorial on drawing Howleen Wolf. She will be pretty easy to replicate so there should be minimal complications when it comes time to tackling this tut. There is still two more lessons coming your way people so try and stick to your seats. Adios!

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