How to Draw Psy, Gangnam Style


Let's begin with a couple shape and some guidelines for the limbs. Start with a see shape for the head, sketch in the facial guidelines, then draw another shape for the torso. You will then add the leg lines.


Using the shape you just made, draw a circle for the head.


You will now draw out the eyeglasses or sunglasses like so, then draw in the nose, mouth, and frown lines around the mouth. Also make the chin crease too.


Draw in his neatly combed hair like so, then draw the ears.


Here you will draw the shoulders, then the arms which are crossed over each other. Remember to draw in his hands too.


All you have to do here is draw the flaps of the jacket which is open, then draw in his round belly and the waist in the form of his belt.


Draw in the stubby legs which are in a skip or hopping pose, then proceed to step eight.


For your last step all you have to do is draw in the ankles, then draw the small shoes. Make sure to make the front part of the shoes nice and pointed. Add some detailing then begin erasing your mistakes.


Here is what Psy looks like when you are all done. Now you can tell people that you know how to draw Gangnam Style.

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September 17, 2012

Description: Well guys, I thought I seen it all but I guess you don't see it all until you see Gangnam Style. -_-, I really don't know what to say, but I was asked over and over again to make a tutorial on "how to draw Psy", step by step in his cartoon form that you see at the end of his Gangnam Style video which is over four minutes long. I don't know if he is really dancing, but his dance style sort of reminds me of Jack Black's character Nacho from Nacho Libre. I'm not gonna sit here and hate on the video because even though it's odd, it's still very entertaining. I can see how it has over one hundred ninety four million views. I must have watched it twice, and I'm about ready to tell other folks to check it out too. Anyways, the performer or rapper is Park Jae-sang and he is from South Korea. Not only is he a rapper, he also sings, writes music, produces records, and dances. After the video went viral he appeared on the Today Show, and he even made a brief appearance on Saturday Night Live on September 15th. It is said that people are drawn to his sense of humor as well as the ability to have a savoy sense of style. I for one have never seen anything like it, so I hope you enjoy drawing Psy because he was definitely fun to watch on Youtube. I shall return with more request fulfillments so stay tuned in.

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