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Drawing a Male Monster High Face

Artist: MarianasMasterpiece / April 26, 2017
Drawing a Male Monster High Face

Step 1.

Start with a circle. To keep the face as symmetrical draw a straight vertical line down the circle and a slightly bent horizontal line.

Step 2.

Draw in bent rectangles for the eyes on the horizontal line. A line for the nose where the circle meets the vertical line. A line for the mouth. And draw in a jaw, don't draw the chin coming to a point keep it 'square'

Step 3.

Thicken up the lines around the eyes, keep it more square around the outside a more rounded in the eye. Draw a line starting from where an eyebrow should be draw down and curve at the line drawn as a guide for the nose. Add nostrils. Male noses t   

Step 4.

Add circles for the outline of the iris and add pupils. (Optional) Draw small lines above the nose to mimic an edge. Draw in a mouth, I tend to draw males with crooked smiles. Add a curve for a bottom lip.

Step 5.

Draw in thick eyebrows and eyelids. Define the line for the jaw and draw in a neck and shoulders with a small flick for the join in the collar bones. For males I draw the shoulders out further than the head.

Step 6.

Remove the guide lines and fill in the flat colours. I usually keep skin tonnes pale or muted colours.

Step 7.

Shading and Highlighting. Shade down one side of the face and on the eyelids. Draw a small flattened diamond shadow under the nose. Fill in the bottom lip. And shade the neck and shoulders. Add a triangular highlight to the top of the nose.    

Comments (3)
goddessshelle · 5 years ago
nice job! thanks for making it so easy to follow!
MarianasMasterpiece · 5 years ago
You're Welcome. It was pretty easy to draw so easy to follow :3
Rose1Drawer · 5 years ago
:speechless: :speechless: :speechless:
Artist: MarianasMasterpiece
Date Added: April 26, 2017
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Tags: how to draw monster high characters
Description: How I draw Monster High male faces.