How to Draw a Snowflake

Artist: Dawn / October 8, 2008

Step 1.

Okay ware you ready for some fun or what? You will start this first step by drawing a small circle shape for the middle of the flake. From that you will then add six long lines and then six short lines for the design of the snowflake's arms. At this    

Step 2.

Now what you will do here is start drawing in the shape of the long arms and begin detailing and shaping them out the way they look here. Each mid part of the design slants away from the center as shown. Continue this step until all the lines are add   

Step 3.

You will now start connecting and finishing off the shaping of the snow flake until the the tips are rounded and then stems have branch looking arms coming from the stem. You will then make the smaller arms on the inside of the snowflake come to a wi   

Step 4.

Well you have made it to your last drawing step and you have done awesome so far. What you will do is first add a smaller rounded tip to cap off the larger stems of the snowflake and then add a rounded tip on the inner stems as seen. You will then st   

Step 5.

When you are done you should end up with a shape that looks like this. You can color it in or you can outline it with a seasonal color as i did here. Some folks may need to use a ruler and that is fine. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 8, 2008
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Description: Well I’m here again with some more fantastic tutorials. This first tutorial is going to be on how to draw a snowflake. As you know snowflakes are created when water droplets are frozen from the cold air that fills our atmosphere. Now I am going to talk about some interesting facts about snowflakes to help you understand how they are made, how fast they fall, and what the difference is between two snowflakes that fall in one falling. I already told you that snow is created when the air is cold enough and when there is enough moisture. But did you know how a snowflake forms? Well let me tell you. Each snowflake is started as being an ice crystal. These ice crystals are in relative size to a speck of dust. Now when these speck sized pieces of ice fall together they attach themselves to one and other until a flake is formed. The size of each individual flake varies but they can get as big as two inches in diameter. The size of a flake depends on how many crystals get joined together. As you may or may not know every snowflake has six sides, they all have different shapes and patterns, and no two snowflakes looks the same. Now have you ever noticed that when you look up in the sky the snow seems to fall fast but then when you watch it fall from a window it looks like it falls fairly slow? The fact is, when ever it snows each snowflake falls at about three miles per hour. Another fun fact about falling snow is that a snowstorm is not considered a blizzard until you can’t see for ¼ a mile in front of your face, wind speeds reach 35 miles an hour, and it has to snow for a minimum of three hours. Did you know that with each snowstorm, billions of snowflakes will fall? If you were to ask me if I love the snow, I would have to respond with a mixed answer because even though I love snow when it falls, I hate having to walk in it along the sidewalks and streets only because I never have a steady grip on the surface which annoys me when I catch myself from slipping, or when my feet keep sliding to one side because there is so much snow build up on the bottom of my shoe. But other than that snow is cool I guess especially when it’s around the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Its funny how snow is associated with just Christmas, I mean there is still snowy weather when Valentines Day arrives and sometimes even Easter. Anyways, in this tutorial I will be showing you how to draw a six pointed snowflake shape step by step. It’s pretty simple so any body could tackle this lesson with ease. Well as you know I will be back with some more drawing tutorials in a bit so hang in there folks there is more to come.