How to Draw Tarzan

Artist: Dawn / October 8, 2008

Step 1.

Well this is going to be somewhat of a long first step. You will start by drawing the shape of the head which is a small circle and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw out another circle for his chest and then add the shoulder and arms shaped g   

Step 2.

You will now add his fingers on his hands and then make the lining for his chest muscles. Add the small shapes of his eyes and then the shape of his brow and narrow looking jaw. Draw more lines for his hair and then add a long line for the vine that    

Step 3.

You will now start this step by adding the definition in his chest like the collar bone and then his neck definition. Draw some nipples and then his stomach muscles. Add more fingers and draw the left leg and foot. you will end this step by adding so   

Step 4.

You have now reached step four and you will start this step by finishing off his hair which is suppose to look like dreadlocks. Then give him some eyeballs and pupils. A narrow pointed nose and flared nostril is next and then a small dash for his mou   

Step 5.

In this final drawing step you will detail the vine and then his hair. Define his eyes and add his loin cloth. Start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 6.

This is what your Tarzan should look like when you are completely done. All you have to do is color him in. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw Tarzan step by step. I will be back with more so stick around clown!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 8, 2008
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Description: Well this next tutorial is going to be on another Disney character from a very funny animated movie. The movie is called Tarzan and you will be learning how to draw Tarzan. The reason why I love this movie is because you can watch it over and over again and it will never get old. It remains funny, it keeps its vibrancy and the characters all seem new and unique. As some of you may know Tarzan is about a young family that takes refuge on a tropical island off the coast of Africa and they wind up calling it home. They build a tree house to stay above any threatening animals and they provide themselves with food and water to sustain themselves. Unfortunately a leopard named Sabor winds up killing the family in a brutal attack and the only surviving member was a small infant. A silverback gorilla named Kala hears a cry far off in the distance, as she follows the sound she finds herself looking among a human baby that she decides to adopt as her own to replace the one that she lost with her partner Kerchak to the same beast that killed the young baby’s parents. Although Kerchak doesn’t except the baby he allows Kala to keep him because he knows that she needs to fill a void from the loss of their son. She decides to call the human boy Tarzan and he grows up as a human gorilla with his new family. Along the way he makes friends with a young female gorilla named Terk, and a maroon colored elephant named Tantor. Together they grow up and become the best of friends. He also falls in love with a young English woman named Jane and she and her father absolutely loves the silverback gorilla. Tarzan is a character that is always looking for acceptance by his gorilla father. He eventually takes over as leader of the gorillas when Kerchak losses his life to Sabor. Tarzan takes out the blood thirsty leopard and is then accepted by the one person that he has been longing for his whole life. The story ends with Tarzan and Jane happily married living in the same tree house that his human parents built when he was just an infant. I love the movie and I want to show you how to draw Tarzan step by step. I will be back in a bit so stick around people there is more to come. Who knows maybe I will show you how to draw Tarzan characters in future tutorials.