How to Draw Hair For Girls


Here is four different types of hairstyles that I like using on some of my female figure drawings. The first is a short, up-feathered due that is great for a lot of anime or manga characters. The second long curly style is a great concept for any typ   


Here i explain the importance of using thin lined strokes for added hair strand lines.


I will teach you how to draw the face and neck of the female face first, and then I will show you how to draw all four hairstyles so you can choose what one you like. Begin with a simple circle, and then sketch in the face guidelines.


Sketch out the actual shape of the girls face like so, and then move to step four.


Using the facial guidelines begin drawing out the shapes of the eyes, and then thicken the top lid lines.


The next thing to do for your girl's face is draw in the eyes, eyebrows, and then sketch in the nose, mouth, and lashes.


You will finish your girls face by sketching out her ears, and neck. Sketch in the inner ear detailing like so, and then add some detailing on the neck.


This is the same face you just drew in all of the previous steps. The only difference to the faces in this step, is some lines are erased because that is where the hair falls on their face.


You can either choose to draw all the styles you see here, or you can just pick one from the finished drawing in tip step 2. The first style starts with curly lines, the second starts with some straight, razor type hair chunks, and then the other two   


Continue to sketch out the styles and as you can see they are all almost done. Continue with the curly lines for the curly style, draw in the short locks for the second du, and then draw the straight lining for the lower two hairstyles.


I hope you're having fun with drawing hair for girls. You will finish these hairstyles by sketching in the strand lines for all four styles. When you're done you can erase the mistakes to clean up the hair.


Depending on which hairstyle you went with, this is how your girl comes out looking. Color in the hair and then place this head on a female body.

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November 15, 2011

Description: Hello everyone, how is the day going so far for all you creative people out there? I’m doing well and to prove it, I will be uploading some cool tutorials for this new drawing day. I will begin by sharing with you a lesson that I made yesterday. I was looking through the hair section under both the anime and people category on Dragoart. As I sat there looking at all the different tutorials, I noticed that there hasn’t been a recent submission on ""how to draw hair for girls". After thinking about what type of lesson to create, I came up with a good idea on the different styles, and concepts that you could create for your female figure drawings. I thought I was going to dislike the task of drawing hair, but I actually enjoyed creating a new concept that is going to make drawing hair for girls a lot funnier that you could think. The hair styles are super pretty, and I would totally use one of my own lessons to dress up my female character. Thanks for joining me with another great submission, be sure to come back or stick around to see what else I have in store for you guys today. Peace out people!

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