How to Draw Grell


Ok everyone, you must first start off with the basic guidelines for Grell. These lines are very important before drawing the actual body because it plans where everything should be. Start with drawing the guideline for the head and then the shapes/li   


First, start with the face shape and the the beginnings of the hair. Once you've drawn the face shape, you can proceed to drawing the beginnings of the inner details. You can't see Grell's neck because of the bow tie he wears from the dress shirt and   


Next, move onto drawing the rest of the facial details to define Grell's face more. Start drawing the outskirts of his clothing for the torso as well. Take your time with this part, as things can be very stubborn.


Then, finish off the hair to cover his scalp, you don't want a half bald Grell, it would ruin his girlie complexion! Finish off the clothing that lay on his torso. Remember, patience is everything.


Polish extra details like the flowing hair that lays in the backdrop, and the coat. It's always important to drawing his coat diverse in several postures he's posed in. Grell is an outgoing and flamboyant person, so having his clothing seem a little    


Next, work on drawing the hands and legs. The legs can get a little difficult because of their length. Take your time and draw this part of the body wisely. Grell wears high heels that color code with his overall appearance. Sebastian is a lot taller   


Lastly, draw the remaining details that's shown in the line art. This step can be pretty easy!


This is what your line art should resemble. If you've done something completely different with his emotion, clothing, or whatever you please, then don't worry. You should direct your main focus to Grell's facial expressions, they're essential to his    

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September 9, 2010

Description: So you're definitely probably thinking to yourself, “what the flip is a Grell?”. When I first heard of the name out of a request tutorial, I thought the same exact thing. In this helpful tutorial, you'll be learning “how to draw Grell”, step by step. This character is quite feminine and has an uncanny attraction towards Sebastian Michaelis. He always wears the color red and believes that women don't deserve to wear the color. I find that to be pretty weird too, which is why I wanted to draw the character! The anime person himself looks like a 7 foot tall – lanky figure when in fact, he's only 5' 7” (similar to the height of an average model); also could be the reason why the creator made this character that tall. Alike to the appearance, Grell desires tragically to be a female, he even wants to bare children in which he cannot. The overall concept of Grell was a pretty fun project, considering the colors were really awesome to recreate. If you want to draw him accurately, you have to pay attention to the facial details, as well as the tone of his colors. The anime depicts his colors of a dull red, yellow for skin, and a darker muted color for his dress shirt. Once you've realized the special spots to focus on when drawing Grell, you'll be able to master his figure. First of all, practice with the normal figure of a human being (in this case, anime is overly exaggerated, to an extent). Keep in mind, that Grell has long flowy hair. It spreads in many directions that flower in a unified direction. He also has split ends, so be weary of this as you draw. Anyways, I really hope this tutorial will kick you back onto your feet to “draw Kuroshitsuji characters”. Thanks for viewing, and don't forget to recommend this tutorial to all your mates!

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