How to Draw Ciel

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First, label down the guide work for Ciel. This is essential to creating this character proportionally. Start off by drawing a circle for the head base, and guidelines for the center of the face. Don't forget to draw the wire frame for the rest of th   


Next, draw the line that separates the hat and hairline. Then, draw the hairline for the bowl cut hairstyle. Once you're done with drawing that, sketch out the face shape and indication of a neck along with a bow.


Then, revving those pencils to draw the top hat and coat that overlays his undershirt. Once you've completed doing so, be sure to draw the facials that clearly reveal it's Ciel.


Next, start drawing the hand, arm, undershirt, and left arm to give Ciel a more "believable" stance of his character.


Afterward, draw the cuffed pants for Ciel. Drawing Ciel can be a bit difficult if you're a little rusty on drawing the anime anatomy.


Lastly, finish off the high heel type boots to complete your drawing of Ciel Phantomhive. The buckles for the shoes must be evened with each side. This is where perspective plays a role. Learning how to draw Ciel step by step can be challenging for s   


Once you've finished all the steps above, you're Ciel Phantomhive drawing should resemble this. Don't worry if it doesn't look EXACTLY like the drawing, it takes patience and practice. I really hope this tutorial did it's justice on how to draw Ciel.   

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August 3, 2010

Description: Hello once again my fellow artists and friends. Today I am going to be submitting a couple of lessons, with the first being on a character from the anime/manga series Black Butler. I only uploaded I think one or two tutorials from the series, and both times they where requests like this one here. I must confess, I don't watch Black Butler or read the manga, or watch the anime. I do however know how to draw characters from the show very well which is why I chose to fill this request. Today, I will teach anybody that wants to learn, how to draw Ciel, step by step. I'm not too familiar with this character but I can tell you something about him based on the information I gathered on the internet. For starters, he is one of the main characters and is very popular with fans. His full name is Earl Ciel Phantomhive, but he is often called just plain old Ciel. He lost his both of his parents, Lord Vincent and Lady Rachel Phantomhive. When they passed, he took over the family business and became the owner/operator of Funtom company, which is a factory that manufacturers a variety of things such as toys, candy, and even food. Now that we established some of Ciel's background, let's talk about this twelve year olds personality shall we. First off, Ciel has a very odd wardrobe. He wears a dark blue colored suit which includes a top hat, an old fashioned black bow tie, a white vest, black gloves, and half pants. When I say half pants I mean that his pants look as though they are cuffed at the knee, and the lower legs have shin high boots strapped on. He also has black hair which is worn in a bowl cut fashion. The difference between Ciel's hairstyle is his bangs are longer then a traditional bowl cut. Almost emoish. Anyway, I read that his character is devoured by Sebastian, but brought back to life using the family ring in the second season. Of course this is the anime version I am talking about. I have a feeling that I will be submitting a lot more character tutorials on that show you how to draw Black Butler characters. I guess that is all I have to say about this figure from the series. All I can do now is shut up, and show you how to draw Ciel, step by step. There is a lesson on Sebastian that I uploaded a while ago, and it would probably be a good idea to draw Sebastian and Ciel as a pair since they are the primary characters of the manga and anime. I hope you guys have fun, I will be back with more lessons so try and stay tuned in to see what they are going to be. Peace out peeps!

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