How to Draw The Undertaker from Black Butler


Begin by drawing the outline for the head and shoulders like so. As you can see the shoulder guides should be wide.


Use the circle guide to draw in the shape of Undertaker's face, then sketch in the parted hair or bangs which is in a feathering pose.


You will use the simple line for the grin or smile, then draw in the teeth. Add holes for the nose then add some chin dent.


Undertaker's hair and face shape is done. Now you can begin drawing the high top hat and rim. Add some indents to the hat's surface for texture, then move to step five.


Undertaker has some long hair. Draw the length of his hair which is nice and straight and then proceed to step six.


We can go ahead and draw the shape of Undertaker's neck, then draw in the collar. Sketch out the lining for the shoulders and arms as well.


You will now draw in the hands which are raised and crossed on to one another. He is in a pose that suggests he is in a deal making mood.


Lastly, sketch in the arms and then draw the cuffs for the sleeves. Add some wrinkles, creases and folds, then you are done. You can begin erasing the mistakes.


Here is the line art once you are all done. Now you can color in the drawing to bring this ex-Grim Reaper to life.

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January 2, 2014

Description: There is always a super cool character when it comes to dark anime/manga series like Black Butler. Today I will fill a much requested lesson on "how to draw The Undertaker from Black Butler", step by step. Don't confuse the name with the WWE wrestler The Undertaker. For those of you that don't know, Undertaker used to be a Grim Reaper as well as a funeral director before he went rouge. His look and style automatically looks like death, and I know many of you will enjoy drawing Undertaker because there is many Black Butler fans out there. So let me leave you to this tut and I will prepare my next submission. Adios amigos and have fun.

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