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How to Draw Alois Trancy, Black Butler, Alois Trancy

Artist: Dawn / April 15, 2013
How to Draw Alois Trancy, Black Butler, Alois Trancy

Step 1.

Make a rounded shape for the head guide, then draw in the shape for the shoulders. You will lightly sketch in the facial guidelines as well.

Step 2.

Now is the time to sketch in Alois' hairstyle which happens to look like a hot mess. His bangs are long as you can see and the hair brushes the sides of his face.

Step 3.

Add some detailing to his hair to make it look full and dimensional instead of flat. When that is done you can begin drawing the eyes, as well as the nose mouth and ear. Draw the shape of his face which is a simple V shaped point too. Add thick bold    

Step 4.

Here is where you will sketch the jacket collar as well as the ridiculous bow tie that he wears. Start with the collar. It sort of looks like Dracula's cape collar. When you are done with that you can draw the large bow and knot in the center. Add de   

Step 5.

Lastly, draw in his shoulders and arms like so, then sketch in the detailing to form the jacket and shit under his coat. All the wrinkles and creases should also be added. Erase all the mistakes as always, then you are done with the drawing.

Step 6.

Here is the line art for this Black Butler character. Now you can have a ton of fun coloring him in.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 15, 2013
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Description: What's up folks, are you ready for an exciting Drago experience? I hope so because I have a lot of fun tuts going up throughout the day for you all so stay seated. I will start by uploading this lesson on a character from Black Butler and its "how to draw Alois Trancy". I have heard of this anime or manga, but I never really got into it. But if he was requested then I guess he and and the series is good. Instead of drawing the whole body I wanted to keep it simple and just make the head, face, and some of the torso. All the important aspects to Alois is there, just not his arms, hips and legs. One of the things I like about this character design is his eyes. They are so pretty and very bright. I have to say, drawing Alois Trancy was fun and it even put me in a trance. If you where the one that requested this figure, I hope you have fun with the tut as well as learn something new. I will return my fellow artists and friends so stay tuned in. Peace!