How to Draw Goat From Pig Goat Banana Cricket

Artist: Dawn / September 2, 2015

Step 1.

We will draw two shapes for the guides of Goat's head and face. When that is done sketch in the guidelines for the body.

Step 2.

We will begin defining the shape of the head like so, then draw in the long curly ears.

Step 3.

Up next, draw Goat's snout and be sure to add the nostril holes too. We will then need to draw in the big eyes and long lashes.

Step 4.

Color in some pupils and then draw Gpat's antlers or horns.

Step 5.

We will now draw the long skinny neck, the other ear, and then some hair or whiskers on the chin.

Step 6.

Proceed forward to drawing the torso and then her arms with the hands resting on her hips.

Step 7.

Here you will draw in the skirt and legs, then draw the socks and shoes.

Step 8.

This is your last drawing step for Goat. Simply draw in the curly tail and the collar shirt lining. Don't forget some speckles too. Erase the mistakes and all the guides that you made as well.

Step 9.

That's all folks. This is what your drawing of Goat should look like when complete. Color her in and show her off.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 2, 2015
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Description: I might as well finish off the Pig Goat Banana Cricket series by uploading the remaining two characters from the fairly new Nickelodeon cartoon. Today, we will tackle the task of drawing Goat, step by step. I'm guessing that Goat is a female because this character is wearing a skirt, has curls at the ends of her ears and also has long eye lashes. Anyways, drawing Goat should be pretty simple. I have lots more tuts to upload including the last character from Pig Goat Banana Cricket so stay tuned in.