How to Draw a Tribal Ghost

Artist: Dawn / September 17, 2009

Step 1.

Start with a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will draw a neck line and then attach it to the other circle shape which is for the torso of the tribal ghost. Next draw the arm shapes and then the wispy tail shape.

Step 2.

You will start using the facial guidelines to draw the the shape of the screaming mouth for the ghost. Once that is done you can then start drawing out the tribal design shape on the chest of the ghost.

Step 3.

You will add eye shapes on the chest as you see here which look wicked and creepy. And then you will draw the tribal designs on both arms of the ghost. Once that is done you will start drawing out the outlined shape of the ghosts wispy tail. Add some   

Step 4.

Now here is the fun part. Start sketching out the wispy lines for the head and the arms. Once that lines and shapes are drawn out you can start seeing how awesome this tribal ghost is turning out to be.

Step 5.

Here is your last drawing step and all you have to do now is draw out the rest of the tribal shapes for the tail of the ghost and then start erasing all the visible lines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 6.

Here is your finished drawing when you are done. Color it in orange, purple, black, or white. I hope you guys liked this lesson on "how to draw a tribal ghost step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 17, 2009
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Description: How about a cool lesson on a tribal design for the Halloween season. I showed you guys how to draw a tribal pumpkin face a few days ago, and now I want to show you โ€œhow to draw a tribal ghost step by stepโ€. The ghost came out really cool I think, and I was originally going to color it in red with the black background. After thinking and looking at the finished colored image I decided that it would probably look better colored in white because that is what ghost typically look like. Although Halloween is just around the corner there is so many different things that can be drawn for the season. The tribal ghost that you will be getting a lesson on is going to labeled intermediate because some of the lines and shapes may seem a bit complex to a novice artist. Remember, when you are drawing this tribal ghost you can choose to go on a different tribal art path to complete your drawing. You can experiment a bit, or you can just follow the steps verbatim the choice is yours. Well I guess that is all I can really say about this tutorial on โ€œhow to draw a tribal ghostโ€. I will be back later with more drawing fun so stay tuned n for more lessons coming your way. Peace peeps and happy drawing!