How to Draw a Cartoon Mummy

Artist: Dawn / September 24, 2009

Step 1.

Okay lets start this lesson on "how to draw a cartoon mummy" by drawing out some basic guidelines and shapes. Draw a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the shape of the cartoon mummy's torso and add the circles   

Step 2.

Step two you will draw the actual shape of the face and head and then draw in the eyes as well as color them in. Draw the beginning shapes for the fingers and then move to the next drawing step.

Step 3.

Finish the cartoon mummy's face by drawing the shape of the mouth and then color it in inside. When that is done you will draw out the teeth and then finish the shape of the hands. Next draw the mummy wrap as you see here on the head, arms, and hands   

Step 4.

Start this step by drawing out the shape of the torso and then draw th lining for the wrap as you see here. Make sure you add some definition to show that this creature has a rib cage.

Step 5.

Draw the shapes of the legs and finish off the waist and hips. Draw the lining for the cloth wrap that is all over the mummy's body. If you like you can keep some areas exposed to show some rotted skin.

Step 6.

For your last drawing step you will finish drawing the legs and then draw the feet. Complete this cartoon mummy by drawing the remaining lines for the wrap. erase any visible guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your cool looki   

Step 7.

Here is the finished drawing of what your mummy should look like when you are done. Color it in if you like and you have finished this lesson on "how to draw a cartoon mummy step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: There is four easy, fun, and colorful lessons getting submitted today and I will start by showing you "how to draw a cartoon mummy", step by step. This cartoon mummy came out so cool and I just know that all you guys will love this lesson. The mummy is so easy to draw, that you can even switch up the design a bit of you are feeling really creative. Halloween is just around the corner, and you all know that many, many children will be dressing up as a mummy this year as they do every year. The mummy, vampire, or Dracula, werewolf, and zombies is one of the more popular Halloween costumes that can be created with little money. Anyways, I just know that learning “how to draw a cartoon mummy step by step” will be fun for you all. When you are done you can color in your art and hang it in the window, door, or fridge to prepare for hallows eve. I will be back momentarily with more drawing fun, in the mean time hang around and tackle this lesson on for size. Peace peeps and happy drawing! Oh yeah, if you want to check out the other mummy I have a lesson on that is more scary, just click here and you will land right on the other lesson that you can try out as well.