How To Draw Ghost Rider

Artist: Dawn / March 27, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and shapes to form the multiple frames of the drawing. Start by drawing a circle for the shape of the skull and sketch in the facial guidelines. Next draw the outlines of the flames that surro   

Step 2.

Next in this step what you are going to do is basically start drawing out the details and definition through out the image. First draw in the sockets in the skull and the mouth lining. Then draw out the shape of the handle bars that resemble devil ho   

Step 3.

Now here in this step what you are going to need to do is start sketching out the details in the jaw which includes the nose and teeth, then move on and sketch in the detailing on the arms of the jacket and the handle bars some more. Sketch in more d   

Step 4.

What you will need to do in this step is real simple and short. All you will have to do is sketch in some simple detailing on the front plate of the bike as shown above. Detail the spike looking foot bars and move down to the next step. See it's not    

Step 5.

And this is the last step. What you need to do here is detail the flames that surround his head and the flames on the right hand side of his right hand. After the flames are lightly detailed move down and detail the flames that are just below the fac   

Step 6.

This is what your Ghost Rider should look like when you are completely done. See now how simple was that? I know I know super simple. That concludes this tutorial on how top draw Ghost Rider. I hope you learned something new today, wait of course you   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 27, 2008
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Description: This tutorial is going to be on a cool looking character that I loved the first minute I laid eyes on him. Today I will show you how to draw Ghost Rider from Marvel Comics. I initially knew nothing about this character until the movie came out in 2007 staring Nicholas Cage who plays Johnny Blaze. After I seen the film I was hooked like a fish and that is when I became more into the Marvel character for like 3 months. The original Ghost Rider character made his debut in 1973. The story goes Johnny Blaze and his father Barton Blaze where motorcycle stunt drivers who worked for a man that owned a carnival named Crash Simpson. Now according to Marvel Comics, Johnny witnesses his father’s death and was left an orphan until Crash the owner of the carnival adopted him and became his step father. After Crash Simpson discovered that he has cancer and was going to die soon, Johnny wasn’t able to handle losing another father, so one day Johnny Blaze sold his soul to the devil so that he could spare Crash Simpson from the cancer that was killing him. The devil agreed to the deal on one condition, that one day when he needs him he must surrender himself and collect on his soul for saving taking away his fathers illness. Over time no one knew of the deal that Johnny made with the devil and now that Crash was cured from all sickness he didn’t care to much for his life anymore so he decided to perform a death daring stunt and that is exactly what happened to him, death. Johnny became devastated when he lost yet another father, when Blaze fled he ran into the devil again only to call him a double crosser. Years went by and soon it was time to cash up on the deal. Johnny Blaze eventually became the devils Ghost Rider and adapted the ability to turn into a flaming skeleton with a bad looking bike. When he turns into the Ghost Rider his clothes become all leather with a long flaming chain as one of his weapons. This character is definitely one of the coolest I seen so far. If you ask me I like the movie version on how the Ghost Rider came about, but all in all there is truth to both parts. I love Nicholas Cages personality and appearance in the flick and I went out and bought the DVD when it was first released. Now the movie is a part of my collection and there it will stay. So in dedication to this awesome looking character, this tutorial will show you how to draw Ghost Rider step by step with simple instructions. I used the image from the cover of my blue ray DVD as a reference tool. I hope you enjoy this mean looking tutorial, I know I did.