How to Draw Fries, Fries

How to Draw Fries, Fries
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Draw some simple guide like so that ends up looking like a large plus sign.


Using the guides you just drew in step one, draw out the french fry holder which is shaped like a cup or bowl.


Draw out the eyes, and mouth and then color in the eyes.


Begin drawing out the fires in thick chunky sections. Each one should look like pieces.


Draw in the rest of the fries like so until you have a full container of fried goodness. Erase the mistakes if there is any, and you are all done for this tutorial.


Here is the line art when you are done. Color in your work and you have yourself a finished drawing of some yummy fries.

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September 25, 2011

Hey ho everyone and welcome to yet another drawing day here on Today is going to be full of easy and fun lessons that I think will be a big hit with people of all different skill levels. To start the day off, let’s learn "<strong>how to draw fries</strong>", step by step. I was going to submit a chibi character but I decided that I would do that next. French fries may be a food that is horrible for your body, but you can still enjoy this tasty side dish if you slice up some potatoes and drizzle them with olive oil, salt and pepper, and then you can bake them for about 30-40 minutes in the oven. The end result is delicious and full of flavor. Anyways, the fries that you will be drawing is in a cute little holder like the kind you get at your favorite fast food restaurant, and they are also going to be incredibly easy to replicate. So have fun with drawing fries, and I will meet you back in a few with more things to do. Peace out people!

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