How to Draw a Potato

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Draw a simple circle like so.


Draw out the actual shape of the potato that you are drawing. This can be as small or as big as you like.


Sketch in some bumps, blemishes, and scuffs for detailing and surface texture. You might also want to draw a chibi face on this veggie too. Clean up the drawing and you're pretty much done.


Here is the finished line art. Color it a dusty or dirty color and use it for something great.

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September 28, 2011

Description: Yes, your eyes are right; you do see a potato before you. I know this may seem like an odd tutorial, but the fact is, people want to know "how to draw a potato", step by step. How simpler can it get, you sit at your desk or table, and you turn your computer on. Now you’re logging into Dragoart and are about to visit the front page. There you see a lesson that is actually trying to show you how to make a potato. Many of you may be scratching your heads, the another reason why I chose to do a potato, is because it’s harvest break here where I live and that means kids are out of school until October. Having said that, I think you will find that this submission will have absolutely no use for your drawing needs, unless of course you plan on using this idea to make a thanksgiving drawing. Well that’s all for this description. How much more can I really say. I will see you back here shortly for more drawing fun. Peace out!

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