How to Draw Pies, Pies

Artist: Dawn / September 23, 2011

Step 1.

Make two slightly arched lines which will act as the beginning lines of the pies.

Step 2.

Begin this step by drawing out the top part of the pie to the right. When that is done draw in the left part of the pie and the front piece of the pointed part.

Step 3.

Draw the rest of the pie shape and then draw in the ruffled looking crust.

Step 4.

Draw in some thick scratchy lines for the eyes and draw in the mouth as well as the definition on the pie crust. Mmmm pie crust is so gross.

Step 5.

Start the second pie slice the same way you drew in the first one. Make sure to draw this slice to the T.

Step 6.

Sketch in the left side of the pie like so, and as you can see I make some gooey juice dripping off the side with a cherry in the sauce.

Step 7.

Well guys, I think it's time that we finish off this tutorial. Draw in the pie crust the same way you did the first one, and then draw in the eyes, mouth, and the many different sized bumps inside of the mouth.

Step 8.

Here is the line art when you are done with the drawing and all of the mistakes have been cleaned. Color in your pies to replicate your favorite kinds.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 23, 2011
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Description: Up next is more food that you can draw and imagine yourself eating. I have been asked to make a tutorial on "how to draw pies", step by step. I have so many different food tutorials submitted already, and if you browse through the section I’m talking about, you will see that there is so many lessons to choose from. This drawing is on two pieces of pie, and the great thing is, if you only want to draw one pie you can go ahead and do so. I myself think making two separate pies is a good idea because you end up with two different flavors. My favorite types of pie are pumpkin, and apple. Of course everyone loves pumpkin and apple pie, I guess I’m one of those people that falls victim to the notion that everyone likes the same typical things. Well, that’s about it, have fun drawing pies and remember you can make your pie any kind you want so go ahead and get creative because no one is stopping you!