How to Draw Fenneko, Aggretsuko

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Start off with a simple step and that is with a circle for the head. Once that is done you can draw the facial guidelines and then the body guide.


Now, take your time to draw out Fenneko's face shape and large Fennec Fox ears.


We will first add detailing to her enormous ears, and then draw the strip on her forehead. When that is done you can draw the shapes of her eyes, her nose and then simple mouth.


Let's draw her boxy shaped body. Start with a square for the torso and then draw in her skirt. You will then draw the short legs too which have a slight bow.


We can draw in her arms next followed by her mitten shaped hands. Add the lapels to her top, and give her feet some lines to create shoes.


Lastly, draw in her tail and you are all set. Erase the mistakes and guides before leaving.


That's it, your finished line art should look like the drawing you see in front of you. Color in Fenneko and you're ready to show off your work.

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May 8, 2018

Description: Okay so here is the second character from the new series Aggretsuko. This time we'll be learning how to draw Fenneko, step by step. Now, Fenneko is Retsuko's fennec fox co-worker. Her personality is different than Retsuko's in a way that Fenneko is more optimistic, calm, and understanding. She is also Retsuko's best friend and not only is she tolerable for Retsuko, Fenneko is often known as the office shrink as she has the ability to diganos people's mental state just by observing her co-workers habits and deviations which enables her to correctly read who ever may be coming to her for help. Anyways, like Retsuko, Fenneko will also be easy to draw, probably easier than her best friend. I will be back again with other tuts to show you all so be sure not to stray too fat. Adios amigos.

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