How to Draw Retsuko, Aggretsuko

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Let's start by making a circle for the head and then some guidelines for the face and body.


Up next, start drawing the actual shape of Retsuko's head/face shape. She is a red panda, so her face structure should look like one. Draw in the triangular shaped ears and then proceed to step three.


Up next, draw in her face starting with the colored in circle eyes, then draw her snout or nose markings, brow spots, and fur markings on her face which start at the sides of her eyes and wraps around the nose and, mouth and chin area.don't forget to   


Okay, so next you will draw in her top part of the body which is her torso or shirt. It's starts out as a bell shape which means it's not too hard to tackle. Make the V for her neckline and proceed to step five.


We will now draw in her arms which cross over one another because I wanted to draw Retsuko looking sweet (when she is really not). Add the detailing to her shirt and then a small circle for the hand.


For the last drawing step you will only have to draw in her legs, foot and her tail. Be sure to detail the tail like a red panda, with raccoon like stripes. Erase the mistakes and you are done.


That's it, you just drew Retsuko from Aggretsuko. I hope you had fun, all you need to do now is color her in.

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May 8, 2018

Description: Okay, so first let me say hello all and welcome back to another new lesson on Today I will be uploading a couple lessons based on characters from a new Netflix show that is becoming increasingly popular. The show is called Aggretsuko, and today I will show you how to draw Retsuko, step by step. Now, if you haven't watched the show yet I would advise you all to catch an episode on Netflix or Youtube. What makes this show really, really good is that it is labeled as an adult anime show for adult fans who love Sanrio. Not only that, but since Retsuko is a female red panda, she lives with the struggles of what it's like being a woman in a business world. She hates her job, she hates her co-workers and her best friend is probably the only angel on the show. I know by the looks of Retsuko you would think that she is a super sweet looking character, but that is wrong because her temper flares at her everyday struggles. One way or the only way she lets all her frustrations and anger come out is by doing death metal karaoke after work. Anyways, she is a super simple character to recreate so I will leave you to it. Stay tuned in to see the other character I will be uploading a lesson on from Aggretsuko. For now, tah-tah and have fun. Let me know if you have seen the show yet, I would love to see if there are others who enjoy not only drawing Aggretsuko, but love watching it as well.

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