How to Draw Edgar Allan Poe

Artist: Dawn / April 17, 2012

Step 1.

Begin by sketching out a shape for the facial structure of Edgar Poe. Add in the facial guidelines, then move to step two.

Step 2.

Using the guides that you drew in step one, you can start lightly sketching out the actual structure of Edgar's face. Notice that there is also a slight hairline dip on the right side of the forehead line. Also add the small shape of an ear.

Step 3.

Next, by using the guidelines criss-crossed, we'll pinpoint where to place each eye so that they are in proportionally correct. I started with the left eye first, that way drawing the right eye will be much easier. Take your time and use a very soft    

Step 4.

Now that the eyes are all drawn in and darkened, you can begin sketching in the rest of his face starting with the bags under his eyes. Next, draw out the nose as well as the dark colored mustache as well as the frown marking lines around the sides o   

Step 5.

You will begin the process of getting his crazy hairstyle sketched out. It should be outlined first, then colored in solid like you see here. Once you are satisfied with his hair, you can sketch out the shirt collar which is as high as his chin. Add    

Step 6.

What may seem like fuzz to some of you, this is actually the silhouette of a crow that I used to make up the torso part of Edgar Allan Poe. The head of the crow or raven is to your left, and the wing is to the right. The best way to tackle this step    

Step 7.

When you are done, your drawing of Edgar Allan Poe should come out looking like the one you see here. All you need to do now is color him in.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I told you guys that I had a special treat for you all. This lesson is not only being submitted because it has been requested by so many members and visitors of the site, I also decided to make this lesson because there is a movie coming out that I think I will enjoy very much. It’s called “Raven”, and it’s based on a bunch of different stories written by a certain poet that you all know. Finally, here is “how to draw Edgar Allan Poe", step by step. I remember learning about Edgar Poe back in high school which is why his name is familiar to me. Of course, Edgar Poe has done many works that makes him a well-recognized poet, author, literary critic, and editor. Even though he is known for his poetry, Edgar Allan Poe is also considered the father of ‘detective fiction writing’. What makes his existence that much more intriguing is how he was the first writer to try and make a living on just his works alone. This made for a very complicated lifestyle as well as a financial struggle for the gifted writer. Despite what some may think Mr. Poe was actually born on the East Coast of the United States in Boston Massachusetts. Right from a young age Edgar Poe started living a challenging life. His father and mother both died when he was still young, which then left him an orphan. Once in the orphanage, Poe was adopted by the Allan family out of Richmond Virginia. He later went to UV which is the University of Virginia, only to drop out because there weren’t enough funds for him to stay a student. Once he left collage Edgar went to the army but that didn’t work out for him so well because he failed as a cadet. Once he left the Allan family due to conflict with his stepfather, he later started writing and published a book called ‘Tamerlane and Other Poems’ under the name ‘Bostonian’. He is described as once being a morbid, mysterious man that liked walking alone in the dark with only the moonlit sky as his light as he passed cemeteries and decrypted castles. Sorry to say though, what we believed Edgar Poe to be is actually not the person he was. There are many things that I didn’t mention which would describe why he didn’t have enough money to attend college, or why he didn’t get along with his stepfather. The truth is out there and even though I know things like Edgar leaving school because he started gambling to pay for college, and the reason why he started gambling is because his stepfather only gave him enough money for less than a third of the season. There are many aspects of Edgar’s life that is interesting to read, which is why I decided to leave this description an endless mystery. Of course if you already know about his life, it’s not a mystery at all now is it? I hope you enjoy drawing Edgar Allan Poe as much as I did drawing him. I shall return with two more lessons so be sure to stay tuned in.