How to Draw Trent Reznor, Nine Inch Nails

Artist: DuskEyes969 / April 3, 2012

Step 1.

Sketching must be done with a pencil that can be easily erased , preferably an HB. Pay attention to the very first image , that's the most important , if you get it right the details are really easy to fill in later .

Step 2.

Toning is very important in portraits ( also some other stuff but it doesn't matter). Giving a face the proper tone is essential if you want to make it look real and not details , as some of you may think. The process of toning should not be rushed ,   

Step 3.

For the hair I used a 2B and an 8B. As you can see I drew the hair covering part of his face AFTER I made the entire face,plus I toned some more.

Step 4.

Drawing realistic clothing can be done in more multiple ways. One of them is toning the whole thing and then darkening and highlighting certain areas . I didn't do that, what I did was starting directly with the dark areas, leaving white spaces which   

Step 5.

Use black, blacker than the blackest black . Here you can also see the technique I used for clothing , on that strip thingy. See how I started with the black part ?

Step 6.

Finish the rest of his jacket and you're almost done . The background was really easy to make. What I did was take a ball of cotton and small knife . I used the knife to make graphite powder , grinding it against my pencil . Then I used the ball of c   

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Artist: DuskEyes969
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Description: Hello there ! I bring forth the awesomeness of Trent Reznor , the mastermind behind the band Nine inch nails. A lyrical genius, this man has touched the souls of millions with his wonderful songs , including mine . I have nothing but respect for this man , now and forever . Dawn's a big fan too , just thought you might want to know that . You will learn how to draw Trent Reznor in 6(ish) steps , I hope you have fun and wish you good luck .