How to Draw Carlisle Cullen

Artist: catlucker / November 28, 2010

Step 1.

Here is the oval. It is slanted like the reference picture. The horizontal line is for the eyes, crossing the vertical. The vertical line helps to give you a center. Lightly sketch these on your paper enough for you to see. It's important to get as c   

Step 2.

As you draw more, you'll notice that you draw in layers. Everything isn't done at once, but bit by bit. Start out the top portion of the eyes and the lower part of the nose. No finer details yet.

Step 3.

Above the eyes, draw an outline of the eyebrows with no texture or details yet. Work down to the eyes, putting in the pupil, leaving a white circle for the highlights near the left upper edge of the pupils facing you. Watch your reference picture and   

Step 4.

While you are drawing, make sure you don't forget the eyelids, which adds to his mood. Sketch lightly the right side of his nose. A little hill or nook is right before his upper nostril. That is a good detail not to miss. Sketch in his mouth and the    

Step 5.

Finally, you can start on his hair. Add that fluff and wave. Make sure you don't draw a straight line for his hairline and sideburns -- use strokes in the direction of the hair. Do take advantage of those smaller strokes for his eyebrows. This is whe   

Step 6.

Your guidelines are still there to help you with placement. You can see he is shaping up. Now you can shade lightly with your pencil in the shadowed areas. Use a tissue, Q-tip, blending stump. Keep that white circle in his pupil white for sparkle. As   

Step 7.

Darken in between Carlisle's hair gives it depth and adds to his distinguished look. Keep shading carefully. Even if your picture doesn't look exactly like Carlisle, don't worry. You're learning very important techniques. Start adding detail to his s   

Step 8.

You have added tone, shading and highlights. If you find you need highlights on his hair, cheekbone, nose, above his lips, within his lips -- you can do it by your kneaded eraser that you can shape to a knife-like point. Try drawing highlights with i   

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Description: I'm guilty! I got hooked to the Twilight saga books and movies. I especially loved the compassion shown by Carlisle Cullen, the adopting father of the Cullen kids and husband to Esmee. And here we have Dr. Carlisle Cullen -- vampire, unduly rich, and possessing a flourishing home life. I hope you all enjoy this tutorial on "<em><strong>how to draw Carlisle Cullen</em></strong>", step by step. I'll be doing some tutorials of more awesome Twilight characters too!