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How to Draw Dee

Artist: Dawn / October 29, 2010
How to Draw Dee

Step 1.

Draw a circle for the head, and then add a neck line. Attach the head to another smaller shape that is in the form of an egg, and then add some leg lines.

Step 2.

Now you will draw out the actual outline until a deer is formed. When this is done, all you need to do is make sure to draw in the ears, tail, and shapes of the legs.

Step 3.

Draw an inner circle for the shape of the deer skull, and then draw the shoulder, and hip bones for the front and back legs like so.

Step 4.

For the last step, draw in an eye socket, and then a nostril hole. Lastly, draw a heart, and the rest of the leg bones. Erase all the lines and shapes you drew in step one to clean up the drawing.

Step 5.

When you are all done, your drawing of Dee should look like the one you see here. All you need to do now is color her in and you are all done. Thanks for viewing this tutorial on how to draw Dee.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 29, 2010
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Tags: how to draw skelanimals
Description: Wow, there is just so much to do and so little time to do it all. I have a bunch of tutorials that need to go up, and some of them are pretty awesome, and very Halloween-ish. To start I want to upload the two Skelanimal characters that has been sitting in my folder for two days already. I will be teaching you guys "how to draw Dee", step by step. I think Dee is one of my favorite characters because she is a cute and cuddly fawn. The body outline of the skeleton shaped deer almost reminds me of Bambi, and you know how cute Bambi is. Anyways, some personality traits about Dee the deer is pretty sweet. First off, she is a big time fan of the movie “The Deer Hunter”, and like all deer she comes across as being very shy at first, but warms up quickly as soon as she gets use to her surroundings. Dee loves having fun, and she also likes doing whatever the crowd wants to do. So how did this fun loving meet her demise anyway? Well, “Dee was always up for a dare, she would try anything and wouldn’t care how difficult it was to do, she would find a way and get things through. Complained she did of her daily meal, “Vegetables and weeds, how would you feel?!” An apple tree was across the gorge, so her friends dared her to forge, ahead with great speed and a leap, No sound, no step, not even a peep. That apple tree still stands bearing fruit, for all who would dare to give pursuit.” That was a little disturbing wasn’t it? Anyways, have fun learning "how to draw Dee"; I’m sure you guys will have a blast. Can you think who the next Skelanimal pet will be? Peace out people, and have an awesome drawing day!