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How to Draw ChungKee

Artist: Dawn / November 3, 2010
How to Draw ChungKee

Step 1.

This is the first Skelanimal that doesn't start off with a circle and a square. Instead you will be drawing two rounded shapes. Start with the head, and then the body. Once that is done add the guidelines for the face, and mid section of the body.

Step 2.

Now using the guidelines you drew in step one, draw out the complete outer shape of ChungKee's body like you see here. When you are done you should end up with a drawing that looks like a teddy bear.

Step 3.

Now draw in the face frame of ChungKee's head and or face, and be sure to add the small notch for the mouth area. When that is done, you can begin drawing out the skeleton like upper arm bones like so.

Step 4.

Draw out the shapes of the eyes, and then the small nose. When that is all done, you can draw in the small heart, and then finish drawing out the shapes of the arms and toe bones. That is it, you are ready to start erasing all the lines and shapes yo   

Step 5.

Here is your very own ChungKee when you are all done with the drawing. Now you can get your black and red coloring tools, to begin shading in this Skelanimal of complete cuteness.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 3, 2010
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Tags: how to draw skelanimals
Description: Okay, I know you guys have been waiting for a certain Skelanimal that is chunky, cute, and even a bit shy. Today I thought I would upload a tutorial that has been sitting for three days in my folder on "how to draw ChungKee", step by step. He is without a doubt one of the cutest Skelanimals characters ever. I had so much fun with this tutorial because he is one of the few where you can actually tell what type of animal he is supposed to be. All these dead animals from Skelanimals are amazingly amazing. Some of his characteristics are pretty cool. One of the first things that ChungKee loves is bamboo. But unfortunately he feels as though that is precious bamboo is going to bite him back. So in an effort to hide his worries he doesn't like to talk too much. But as you know the panda is known for being wise, so that means whenever ChungKee talks, all the other Skelanimals listen with their bony ears wide open. But how did ChungKee the Panda meet his demise anyway? “ChungKee was eating bamboo quietly in his cage, until he saw something that made him rage. A girl had a backpack, stuffed panda on the back. ChungKee thought it was his friend, cuffed to a rack. He tried to pull his friend free and cut; the zookeeper misunderstood and shot him in the butt”. Now that was one of the cutest stories on how an animal became a Skelanimal. I hope you enjoy this long awaited tutorial on "how to draw ChungKee". I will be back as you know with more fun things to draw. Adios people, and happy drawing!