How to Draw Debby Ryan, Debby Ryan

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Start with making a simple circle for her head shape and then lightly sketch in the facial guidelines.


Using the head shape you just drew, begin sketching out the actual face structure of Debby's face. Notice how her face is boxy, this is because she has a strong bone structure. Draw in her side bangs which are flowing to the right.


Start sketching out her thin but nicely shaped eyebrows using the facial guides that you drew in step one. Next, draw the top eyelids as well as some of her lashes at the ends. Make sure to draw the lid lines bold or dark for the liner effect. Slowly   


All you have to do here is finish sketching out her eyes. This should include the eyeballs, colored pupils and shaded in iris'. Lightly sketch in some pretty lashes on the top and bottom lids.


You are already almost done. All you need to do here is sketch in her mouth. When you tackle this task make sure to draw her lips the way they really are, full and pouty. Draw the mouth creases as well as her dimple.


Continue to sketch out her hairstyle which is long, straight and a bit wavy. Detail her hair with some texture definition, and also make sure that some of the strand lines are thick and bold. Clean up the drawing to complete this step.


Here is the line art for Debby Ryan. You can leave her as a sketched image, or color her in using some soft colored pencils or water colors.

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January 7, 2012

Description: What’s up everyone, welcome back to another new tutorial day. Before you say anything about this character drawing that I am submitting, I have to tell you that my little sister wanted so bad for me to make a tutorial on "how to draw Debby Ryan" just so she could watch me draw her out. After some trial and error, I managed to get her looking like a comical version of the star from Disney’s Jessie. Before landing the lead role in Jessie, she was well known for playing the character ‘Bailey Pickett’ in another Disney Channel series called ‘The Suite Life on Deck’. She stayed playing Bailey Pickett from 2008, to 2010. She also starred in The Suit Life Movie in 2011, and then soon after landed the lead role of Jessie which is a sitcom series of the same name. She plays a nanny that tries to be super cool and confident as she struggles to give good advice, and handles childhood problems when they arise. My eight year old sister watched an episode of Jessie for the first time yesterday and she really sat there through all six simultaneous airings in a row. So, here is a lesson that will show you how easy it can be when you want to tackle the task of drawing Debby Ryan. To me she looks a bit like Selena Gomez, but hey, that’s my personal opinion. Have fun guys and remember to rate, comment, and fav if you like or even dislike this submission. Thanks guys and enjoy!

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