How to Draw Death Dragon


Lay out your dragon's base. An eastern dragon has a long, snakelike body. This dragon is holding something so give it a nice circle for whatever it's got (ei. pen, teddy bear,wombat, laptop, etc). Don't forget it's lovely flowing whiskers of awesome.


Let's put some meat on that dragon's bones. Add all those pesky little things like fingers and eyes. Don't forget the horns!


Fluff time! Give your dragon some hair. Hair reflects a dragon's personality, so make sure you give your dragon's hair something special (enless your dragon is a clone of 50 billion other dragons). Hair comes in all sorts of colors, too. Nifty huh. E   


Give your dragon some details. My dragon in stealing someone's curtains, apparently, so he has them draping over his chest.Add some bangles and claws. Make sure to erase any overlapping things.


Add more details! Small things make a picture. Just don't make clutter. Otherwise someone might trip.


You're done! Yeah! Sign and date this bad boy. Now you and your dragon can go conquer the worl- wait a minute! Your super-awesome dragon is all colorless and it has no background?!? Go, color! Otherwise yu might annoy it.

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October 21, 2010

Description: In this tutorial you will learn how to draw an awesome dragon of doom. My first tutorial. The End.

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