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How to Paint a Black Shuck

Artist: Cocodragon / November 23, 2010
How to Paint a Black Shuck

Step 1.

Draw out the base skeleton for the drawing. Be messy. You delete this later.

Step 2.

After lowering your original sketch layer's opacity draw your shuck. Since this is a coloring tutorial, I didn't show how to draw the shuck. Look up different pictures of black shucks and create your own. Also I changed mine's tail. It was to long.

Step 3.

Now clean up your sketch. You can get rid of your base.

Step 4.

Get a dark grey color and color under the sketch. Do NOT use straight black.

Step 5.

Ok. Now the hard part. Get a background.I chose a stormy coastline. Make sure it has a definite light source (in my case lightning). I resized the sketch to better show the background.

Step 6.

Add shades and highlights. Lower the sketch layer. Put highlights on the edges of your shuck. Pieces of hair that stick up cast shadows. Deeper shadows are darker than others.

Step 7.

Go back to your sketch layer and blur it a little (still on low opacity). Now go back to your background. Give your shuck a shadow (unless it doesn't have one). Add any final details and then sign it. You are done! Congratulations.

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Artist: Cocodragon
Date Added: November 23, 2010
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Description: In European Folklore the black shuck is a demon dog that haunts roadsides and the coastline. While most saw it's malicious and evil,some stories say it protects travelers and the unfortunate. The black shuck is a large black dog, with one eye, often accompanied by mist or fog. Hi everybody! This is one of my first time digitally "painting" something. Critique is always mean. Also this tutorial is for people who have worked with Paint Tool Sai before and can shade and such.