How to Draw a Western Dragon

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Ok folks, to create a proportionally correct dragon, you'll be needing to establish the framework (or foundation), of the body. I know this can definitely be time consuming but trust me, it's worth the effort. Start by drawing the base circle for the   


Next, it's time to outline the shape of the body before we saddle up to draw the limbs. You definitely need to establish with the body base because it will give you advanced knowledge on where to place the outer limbs. ALWAYS start with drawing the f   


Then, it's time to work on the limbs! This can be fun, but it's crucially important to rev up your skills on drawing dragon limbs. I have a few tutorials that go through this process in the 'dragon' category to the left of the site. Anyways, you'll b   


Next, we'll be handling lots of the important details that create your dragon. Work on the essentials of the head, hands, and most importantly, the wings. Having large wings for your dragon will only persuade the believability of it's flight; and ove   


Then, it's time to work in details that create the dragon's believability even more! Adding muscular definition to the large torso and tail will only create realism. How will you define the dragon's age? Adding ripped wings and imprints of scars and    


Lastly, add finalizing details that will create your dragon's appearance to a more realistic state. Take your time and evaluate which details you want to draw on your creature.


Ah! You are now finished with your beast! Erase guidelines that may distract from the overall piece and get ready for inking! Be sure to create thin lines with a bit of darkening in active areas. All it takes is practice and determination when learni   

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November 15, 2010

Description: Hey guys! I'm here with another dragon tutorial since it's been a while that a dragon lesson has appeared on the site. I know most of you folks love these beasts as I do too, which is why last night I was doodling a creature with a seriously bad-arse face and decided to turn it into a dragon. When it comes to creating your own characters, you have lots of freedom and streams of creativity flowing through your mind. You'll want to create the most awesome creation to blow everyone's mind away. I tried to achieve that limit and present you a lesson on “how to draw a Western dragon”, step by step! I drew most of it during my livestream broadcasts yesterday night, with lots of folks watching. There were tweaks suggested by members added onto the drawing which lead me to tweaking it enough to be a tutorial. Since I've drawn so many red, green, and purple dragons, I decided to shift the colors around to a more dynamic color scheme which brings out the real beast in this creature. It all comes down to practice and patience; mostly practice though. You need to revive your sources of creativity in order to achieve pleasing outcomes. Studying through books, other medias, artists, music, and strange hobbies that have nothing to do with art, all can mend into a creation that's very unique. Watch movies, listen to music, read books that flipside to what your original used to. Ok now, I'm pretty much rambling about the deeper levels of creativity now folks, let's just move onto the lesson to “draw a western dragon”. Thanks so much for viewing and have fun with this nifty tutorial! Don't forget to lend out feedback on how you did or how the lesson helped.

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