How to Create Your Own Character


First we need to start with a giodeline. My character is going to be a male. There is an example of a female character guideline on the right hand side.


Now we need to get the giodelines for the outfit. With the outfit you can take ideas from other characters or what you see people wearing. You can do anything you want with the outfit. GO MAD!! We also need to draw the nose. There are some examples o   


Now it's time to add the eyes. There are some more examples of eyes but you dont have to use them. You can create a different one. Also start adding some detail to the outfit.


Now we need to draw the eyes. There are again, some examples of mouths. Draw some more detil into your outfit.


Time to draw the hair. I didn't put examples for hair because donig the hair you can go crazy. From simple to out of this world, there are so many different hair styles you can make. Just experiment with different styles. Draw more detail to the outf   


Now it's time to add the finishing detail to the costume and any other things you are going to draw for your character.


It's finished. Your own character you can do whatever you want with. Put it in a game, draw it as an illustration do whatever you want with it! Add colour if wanted and enjoy your creation!

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April 11, 2010

Description: This is a character for my game I am currently making.

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