How to Draw Cinnamoroll

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Drawing Cinnamoroll is going to be easy, fun and tasty. Start with an oval shape for the head, and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the shape of the long puffy looking ears, and attach another oval shape for Cinnamoroll's body.


Using the guidelines you drew in step one, start sketching out the actual shape of Cinnamoroll's head, and ears. Add a crease line right at the base of the ears where they attach to the head as you see here.


All you have to do here is draw Cinnamoroll's eyes as well as color them in, and then draw the cute simple mouth that is filled with joy and laughter. Next draw the left side of Cinnamoroll's body which includes the arm and leg.


Draw the cheeks, and then draw the right arm and leg. Lastly, draw the cinnamon shaped tail, and you are done. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


See how easy it was learning "how to draw Cinnamoroll, step by step?" Just color him in and your done. Join me next time for another fun filled drawing tutorial~!

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December 21, 2009

Description: Hello Kitty has become a very popular character over the past five years. was the first drawing tutorial site that submitted a lesson that taught artists to draw Hello Kitty step by step besides Sanrio themselves who are the creators of this pop icon. If you look through our "Pop culture" category under "characters", you will see that I have been uploading lessons on other Hello Kitty characters like “My Melody”, and “Kuromi” over time. I will continue to draw and submit lessons on the many different characters from Hello Kitty's world. A member requested that I do a tutorial on “how to draw Cinnamoroll, step by step”. For those of you that are fans of all the different animals that are created from Sanrio, you should be more then familiar with Cinnamoroll. To some, this animal may look confusing to the eye. I for one knew exactly what he was, a puppy. Cinnamoroll is a white colored puppy that looks like a puffy cloud. He got his name from the owner of "Cafe Cinnamon" when one day she saw what looked like a falling cloud floating through the sky. Because the pup was coming right at her, she immediately realized that the little guy was attracted to the smell of the fresh cinnamon rolls that she baked and sold in her cafe. When the white cloud landed, he decided to stay with the cafe owner. The puppy was not only white and fluffy looking, he also had a tail that was curled up, and shaped just like a cinnamon roll. So because of this, the cafe owner decided to call the pooch “Cinnamoroll”. He is such a cute character from Hello Kitty universe, and I can't wait for you guys to learn how to draw him. I had fun drawing and creating the tutorial for Cinnamoroll, and when I was done, I wanted to drive to Dunkin Donuts to by a cinnamon roll to eat. Anyways, the steps are incredible easy, and the instructions are simple to read and follow. You will find that learning “how to draw Cinnamoroll, step by step”, and a lot neater than eating a cinnamon roll. If you want, you can visit Sanrio and create your own art using their fun art games. Peace out guys, and happy drawing!

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