How to Draw a German Shepherd Puppy

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Like I said in the description, this lesson is going to be pretty simple. Start with a circle shape of the head and then add the egg like shape for the snout. Next draw the outlined shape of the body so that the frame looks almost like a Russian Nest   


You will now draw two egg shaped eyes and color them in as seen here. Next draw the zig zag eyebrows, and then sketch out the actual shape of the GSD muzzle area.


You will now sketch out the shape of the fluffy face, and then the shape of the head. Once that is done you can move to the next step. The coat's texture should consist of sharp edging like you see here.


Now you can begin adding some detailing insode of the very erect dog ears that the German Shepherd is known for. Next draw a triangular shape on the forehead, and then draw the nose and mouth with the small tongue sticking out. You will then sketch o   


Complete the lining for the legs and then draw out each paw as you see here. GSD's have a particular two tone color scheme with their coats. Having said that you will need to sketch out the marking lines on the sides of the body. Draw the hind legs a   


In the end your pooch should come out looking like the one you see here. Color him/her in and your all done. I hope you had fun with this tutorial, hope you join me again real soon.

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March 4, 2010

Description: After I submitted a drawing on one of the pets I drew last week, I received a request to do a tutorial that shows you "how to draw a German Shepherd puppy", step by step. Even though I have a GSD submitted in the pet section, a puppy should also be submitted because these dogs are great. I myself have two GSD and I love them both. One is silver and black, and the other is solid black. They are so funny too when they play around, or when they take their daily naps. Whenever I hear a grunting noise, I know that they must be sleeping. The one thing that does annoy me though about this breed is the fact that they never stop sniffing. I could be sitting in my chair and they will just randomly walk up to me and sniff my fingers. Sometimes it gets so frustrating because it's almost like their looking for food. The older dog doesn't do it nearly as much as the six month old, he is just so annoying sometimes. Bit even though they get on my nerves, I don't think I could live without them. This is a very simple lesson to follow and when you're done with the drawing, you can color in your German Shepherd pup any color combination you like to make it look like your pooch. I will be back with more drawing fun, so try and stay tuned in for more excitement on the way. Peace out and Go fetch!

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