How to Draw Reindeer

Artist: Dawn / December 21, 2009

Step 1.

Let's draw a reindeer shall we? Start by drawing the reindeer's head shape and add the facial guidelines, as well as the guidelines for the antlers and ears. Draw the shapes for the body and then attach the head shape to the reindeer's body with a ne   

Step 2.

You will now start sketching out the shape of the reindeer's head, face, cheeks, and then draw out the antlers and ears completely. Drawing reindeer antlers is pretty easy. Next sketch in some hair on the top of the head, as well as in between the ey   

Step 3.

Using the facial guidelines you will draw the shape of the reindeer eyes,m and then draw the mouth. You will start sketching out the color marking line under the chin, all the way down to the chest. Continue to sketch out the shape of the fluffy look   

Step 4.

Finish draw the from reindeer legs and then sketch out the shape of the belly under. Lastly, draw the beginning shape of the hind legs and hooves before moving to the next step.

Step 5.

For your last drawing step you will draw the shape of the back line, and then sketch out the erect tail, and the rest of the hind leg. Erase all the guidelines you drew in step one.

Step 6.

This is how your drawing should look when you are done. Color in your wintry animal and then you are done with this tutorial on "how to draw reindeer step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 21, 2009
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Description: This will be the last Christmas related lesson that I will submit today because there is some other stuff that I want to upload that I drew a few days ago. I have a tutorial on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer right? Well how about a tutorial that teaches you "how to draw reindeer" plain and simple. Of course I know I could draw realistic animals when it comes to drawing the reindeer, but I wanted everyone to have fun with this submission. Santa Claus is probably the sole reason why these forest animals are so darn popular. In the television specials, Santa's reindeer's don't look anything like how real reindeer look. When I was younger I always wanted to know if reindeer where related to deer. To answer this question I conducted a little research and found that reindeer are in fact a specie of deer. These types of deer live in arctic weather conditions found in places like Canada, and Siberia. The reindeer is the only deer species that can actually be domesticated. I know what your thinking, “why would anybody want to domesticate a reindeer”. That is of course a good point, for someone who doesn't know what these animals provide. Reindeer produce butter, cheese, meat, thread, clothing, and they are also a great mode of transportation. Reindeer antlers as well as their bones, are turned into useful tools and utensils that are used by different tribes that reside in the arctic region. Remember when I said that they produce thread? Even though that may seem odd, the truth is reindeer have extremely tough sinews in their legs which can be turned into useful thread. As you can see there is many uses for reindeer. Another odd thing about these animals is the females. Female reindeer have a set of antlers much like bucks. The reason why females have antlers is because food becomes scarce in arctic conditions. I guess that is why reindeer became Santa's choice of animal to pull his sleigh, because they are animals that live in the cold, much like the North Pole. Well that does it for me, I will leave you now to this tutorial on “how to draw reindeer, step by step”. Meet me back in a bit for more drawing fun.