How to Draw Chihiro and No Face


Here just draw the simple guidelines and shapes.


Next, you will draw the profile lining to create Chihiro's face and head as well as the face shape for no face.


Go ahead and draw No Face's body and then finish drawing Chihiro's body as well as her hair. You can also add the eye and detailing to the clothes.


Draw the eyes for No Face and the pretty design on Chihiro's clothes. Lastly, draw the soot sprites on Chihiro's head.


Once your are done with your drawing, the art should look like the creation you see here. Add some color and you're done.

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March 11, 2023

Description: For my second lesson of the day here I have two very popular characters from Spirited Away. This lesson will show you how to draw Chihiro and No Face, step by step. I hope you have fun with this lesson, I had fun making it. Don't forget to like, love, fav, comment and share.

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