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How to Draw a Mockingbird

Artist: Dawn / April 25, 2010
How to Draw a Mockingbird

Step 1.

Draw a small circle for the head and then draw another shape that looks like an egg for the body. You will then draw an entire outlined frame of the mockingbirds body like you see here. This includes the tail, and legs.

Step 2.

Start by sketching out the shape of the birds beak as see here, and then incorporate that same lining for the head, neck, and chest.

Step 3.

Draw the shape of the one wind that is visible, and then add the detailing lines of feather shapes until you reach the end of the wing. You will then draw the lining for the belly, thighs and legs.

Step 4.

Wow, that was fast. You are now ready to finish off your newly drawn bird. Draw the eye in complete detail, add some nostril holes, and then add more feathering to the wing. Sketch out the entire tail and be sure to show the layers of tail feathers.    

Step 5.

Now you are all done drawing out a mocking bird. How nice and easy this tutorial was. I hope you join me for another free drawing lesson again real soon.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 25, 2010
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Description: Hello again everyone, and welcome back to another tutorial on a fun bird that is well recognized just by this species name alone. Today I will start by showing you "how to draw a mockingbird", step by step. The cardinal is a much vivid colored bird than the mockingbird. This bird species is a common animal in North America. You may be saying to yourself, “I heard of this bird before”. I'm sure you did, I mean a lot of people has heard the phrase “mockingbird” on an occasional basis. You would think that such a well recognized bird would be extravagant in appearance, and have these unique qualities. The truth is, the only reason why the mockingbird is so popular is because of all the cultural history that follows this animal. First off, they are very dull colored, but they do have an interesting white patch on each of their wings that can be seen when they spread the wings. In the past these, now wild birds, where once considered pets. People like Thomas Jefferson owned a mockingbird as a pet, and this creatures is the sate bird for five US states which are; Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Florida. There is also a very popular lullaby that is associated with this said bird called “Hush Little Baby”, and a novel by Harper Lee titled, “To Kill a Mockingbird”. I have still never red the book, but this is a read that is on my top ten things to accomplish before I'm 20. Let's get back to the stats of this birdy. We all know that they live in various wooded places of urban and suburban areas right? Well, just to be more precise, the mockingbird loves to dwell in maple trees, sycamore trees, and sweetgum trees. Why does the question “are you mocking me” refer to a bird when in question? It's because instead of a natural song, mockingbirds will often mimic the sounds around them. This means that they imitate noises that we hear on an everyday basis like car alarms, other animals, and even mechanical sounds. The funny thing is, this is a defensive technique to keep other birds away, instead, other birds are not fooled, but us humans are. The next time you hear a car alarm, keep in mind that the noise may be coming from a little bird called a mockingbird. Naturally this species is a brownish gray in color with hints or hues of white that edge the wings. I had fun sketching out this bird, and if you are an animal lover, you will enjoy learning "how to draw a mockingbird" too. I will be back in a minute. That means stay tuned in to see what pops up next. Peace!