How to Draw Legend of Korra, Legend of Korra

Artist: Dawn / July 29, 2011

Step 1.

Make a circle for the head, and then draw out the guidelines for the face, shoulders, and then the torso mid line.

Step 2.

Sketch out the shape of Korra's face like so, and then draw in her hairline which is parted off to the left.

Step 3.

Up next, you will draw out the rest of her hairstyle which is pulled back and tied in two pigtails. The bands that tie her hair are sort of oblong. The ends of her pigtails should be thin and have some separated strands at the tips. Draw in her ear,    

Step 4.

All you have to do here is draw in the last ponytail which is right in the back part of her head in the middle. Be sure to sway the hair to the left and that's it.

Step 5.

Using the facial guidelines that you drew in step one, begin drawing out the shapes of the eyes, and then the eyebrows and nose. Move to step six.

Step 6.

Fill in the eyes by drawing out the eyeballs, color in the pupils, and then draw in her expressive mouth.

Step 7.

Okay, this is going to be a fun step because you will sketch out Korra's arms which are spread wide open and then as you do this be sure to sketch out the muscle definition or the toned look that she has.

Step 8.

Almost done guys just one more step after this one. Simply draw out her torso and then sketch in the shapes of her breasts or chest.

Step 9.

Lastly, sketch in the sleeves to her sleeveless shirt and then draw in the collar as well. Draw the tattoo design on her upper left arm, and then add some definition to her shoulders. To clean up the drawing erase the guides and shapes that you drew    

Step 10.

Here is Korra when you are all done. Now color her in, and you have just learned how to draw Legend of Korra.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Hey everyone, I’m back with another tutorial and just to finish things off with the new Avatar series, I wanted to make a lesson on "how to draw Legend of Korra", step by step. This is technically the third drawing I made on the character Korra, and even though there is already two ways you can choose to make this character, I wanted you guys to get one last version. As you know Legend of Korra is a new twenty six episode series that will be airing on Nickelodeon either this year or in 2012. As you can see I uploaded a butt load of characters that will in the series in some way, shape or form. The main figures so far is going to be Korra, Tenzin, Bolin, Mako, Oman, Naga, Pabbo, and I’m not sure but, even Tenzin’s kids are going to play some part in the series. Today I have some really cool and fun tutorials going up today and I know that a lot of you will love at least two of them. Drawing Korra is going to be easier than you think and to tell you the truth, it may just be easier than any of the other ones submitted before. That’s all I can really say about this lesson on "how to draw Legend of Korra", I shall return folks with more drawing fun so stay tuned in to see what else comes your way.