How to Draw Sugilite From Steven Universe


We will begin the first step by drawing all the guidelines, shapes and details for your character.


For step two, you will draw the large puff of hair which should be edgy on the sides.


Draw in the facial shape, then draw in the glasses for the eyes. Next, draw the forehead crinkles and then draw the nose, and gnarly mouth along with the teeth. Add the neck shape and collar line as well.


We will now draw the upper body minus the arms. Start with the puffy shoulders, then draw the torso and waist line. Add some shag to the sleeves like you see here.


Next, draw the arms and notice how the forearms are thick. We will draw some thumbs and then move to step six.


Finish the hands which are in a fist pose, then add detailing to the arms.


We will now draw in another set of arms and hands followed by the detailing to the arms.


Draw the large hips and legs, then draw the feet.


For the last step all you have to do is make the lines on the left leg, the tears on the knees and then cuffs at the base of the legs. You will also draw in the gem on the chest as well. Erase the mistakes and all the guidelines when you are all done   


That's all there is to it when drawing Sugilite from Steven Universe. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, now is the time to color in your character.

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April 1, 2015

Description: I think one of the reasons this character is so popular in Steven Universe is because the voice actor is Nicki Minaj. Up next and lastly, you will be getting a lesson on how to draw Sugilite, step by step. This massive female figure is a Gem fusion of Garnet and Amethyst. As you can see this character is gnarly and aggressive looking as well as very bulky and intense. I know for a fact that drawing Sugilite will be fun, exciting and even a bot challenging. I will be back tomorrow with more lessons for you all so come back around.

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