How to Draw Chibi Rey Mysterio

Artist: Lil_O / July 28, 2009

Step 1.

draw a square shape for the body then make a oval that make the open hole for his mask the draw unstraight line to connect the lines

Step 2.

draw the arms and feet the feet are in a rotated square look the arms are ovals that aren't finished

Step 3.

draw his pecs and a circle around the top oval the draw half moon circles on his head

Step 4.

draw his nipples and his Mexican tattoo and belly button under that draw his pants and the numbers 619 under the M in Mexican draw the cross in the middle of his mask draw the bird on the side of his head draw his eye lids under the two designs

Step 5.

do the same as step 4 and draw the same things on the other side draw this bird down a little bit lower so its like in a fight postion

Step 6.

your tut should look like this

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Artist: Lil_O
Date Added: July 28, 2009
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Tags: drawing chibis, drawing a chibi
Description: "How to Draw Rey Mysterio" the famous WWE fighter in chibi form.