How to Draw a Chibi Werewolf

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There is three circle shapes that you will need to make for the first step if this lesson. The first one is for the head of this animal and then second is for the body. You will then draw an odd shape for the butt end and once that is done you can th   


First things first! Sketch out the shape and style of the snout which is also the nose. When that is done draw three of the chibi werewolf's fingers on the bridge of the nose. Next draw the shape of the ear and then the back of the neck which needs t   


Finish drawing out the ear as well as draw in another. Draw the lower part of the jaw and then make a tongue hang out. Sketch out the fluffiness of his chest and then continue to draw out the back line as you see here. You will notice a notch midway    


You are almost done kiddies. What you have to do now is give this chibi beast some fangs or K-9s. When you are dine with that you can then start sketching out the front arm and both hind legs and paws. Draw the ripped pants in more detail and then de   


Here is your last drawing step. Finish off the legs and then finish off the paw. You will then need to finish off the waist as well. Sketch out the big bushy tail and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


"How to draw a chibi werewolf step by step". That is the lesson you started, and here is the lesson when you finished. Color in your chibi animal and you are all done. Good job guys!

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August 9, 2009

Description: How many of you here love werewolves? Well my hand is raised for that question and because I love werewolves so much I decided to fill another request on “how to draw a chibi werewolf” step by step. I mean that is something I never thought about because it just never entered my mind. A lesson on a chibi style werewolf is such an awesome idea so of course I had to fill the request ASAP. Now as you know chibis are small versions of the real thing. I sometimes like to draw my chibi characters doing something cute or fun. So what I did with this werewolf is have him sitting n his behind, lifting his leg to scratch his neck, and at the same time letting his tongue hang out because it feels so good. His other hand is over his head and face because of the way he is feeling now that he is scratching an itch that he has been waiting to do for a while. I love the way he came out and I also love the border I placed around him. I know for a fact that this lesson will be well liked and possibly even favorited. The tutorial is pretty easy, I placed it under intermediate because of the chibi werewolf’s body position. If you follow the steps the way I laid them out, and read what the instructions say, you will end up with a chibi animal that looks like the one you see here. If you want to turn this he into a she, just add a few eyelashes and change the color of the ripped pants to pink or something. Well, my time is up now that I have said what I had to say about this tutorial on “how to draw a chibi werewolf step by step”. Be back soon folks so keep on drawing, and keep on creating!

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