How to Draw Frida from El Tigre

Artist: Lil_O / July 29, 2009
How to Draw Frida from El Tigre

Step 1.

Start out by drawing Frieda's boots by drawing squares the are turned out with a little square hump on the inside side of the square then add two humps at the bottom of the square

Step 2.

now draw a line turned out in the middle of the boots draw a half circle for her skirt the a line right in the middle the draw circle with the top caved in

Step 3.

at the end of the boots connect the lines to the skirt the draw line in the middle of the box to create her socks draw a straight down from the middle line already drew the a parallel line next to it do the same on the other side then add to circles    

Step 4.

draw her other goggle with her hair band then add details to her goggles

Step 5.

add her arm and the slit in her hair then her side hair with the eyebrows right above her eyes

Step 6.

draw her cheeks and the add a belt Buckle and a line on her socks the lines on her skirt and then add her other arm and erase all the guide lines Your Frida should look like this

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Artist: Lil_O
Date Added: July 29, 2009
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Description: Frida is the best friend a guy could have,but shes not always the best influence on Manny.She all ways got he's back in trouble, but it usually Frida who leads him down questionable and dangerous paths that he might otherwise (barely) avoid to begin with.When she's not causing mischief.She can be found focusing on her band. The Atomic Sombreros.