How to Draw Chibi Hair

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Start this first step by drawing five circles for five different styles of chibi hair. You will also draw the facial guidelines and then you can move to the next step.


Now we are supposed to be focusing on chibi hair right? Well, because hair is attached to a head you will also need to draw out the shape of the chibi face as well. Next start sketching out the different types of hair style designs that you see here.   


As you can see here drawing chibi hair is so simple. The first hair style you will draw is of a chibi girl with bangs, and pigtails. All the others are easy as well just follow the red lines. Once all the different types of hair is sketched out you c   


Lastly you will draw the eyebrows and then the necks, and then detail the hair styles as you see here. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here is what your line art should look like when you are done with this tutorial on "how to draw chibi hair step by step". Color in the different heads and I will see you next time.

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June 14, 2009

Description: Another chibi tutorial for you all and I know that you must be wondering when will it stop. The truth is I have been getting request to help members learn “how to draw chibi hair” step by step. And anyone that knows Dragon_Queen, you already know that I always fill request even if they are a bit late or forgotten about. Drawing chibi’s are always fun and I know that I always say that. But hey, I can’t deny that drawing chibi style is awesome. When you learn “how to draw chibi hair”, you will be able to draw any kind of chibi you want. I have said so much already about chibi drawing and the different types of meaning that these Japanese characters have. All I can really do now is give you excellent tutorials on how to help you draw better if you are looking to improve your drawing skills. Having said that I think I will go now so I can get to work on other drawing fun. I hope you learn something new with this lesson on “how to draw chibi hair step by step“. Adios amigos.

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