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How to Draw Lily from Kappa Mikey

Artist: Lil_O / July 29, 2009
How to Draw Lily from Kappa Mikey

Step 1.

First you gone start with her boots then draw like a carrot look shape for her legs then a line on her knee then continue up until you reach her shorts draw just 2 lines going about a 180 the make a curve until her belly then make a curve and contin   

Step 2.

now we are going to start making the hand and arm her jacket is a little bit bigger then her body so draw a baggy sleeves on her left then two parallel lines going up then a triangle on her right and a longer triangle on her left

Step 3.

draw the rest of her neck then start drawing her hair then draw her ab with her belly button

Step 4.

draw her facial her features with her bones on her lower neck then draw her logo

Step 5.

erase the 180 degree and a ripples and straps on her legs

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Artist: Lil_O
Date Added: July 29, 2009
Steps: 5
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Description: When the camera is rolling on the set of LilyMu the shows leading lady Lily is a sweetheart,but when the director says cut, Lily is anything ,but sweet she's a diva who cant stand that Mikey is getting all the fame and adoration that she's use to get and, she's determined to reclaim her superstar status once again