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How to Draw Chibi Pikachu

Artist: Carlene707 / September 3, 2009
How to Draw Chibi Pikachu

Step 1.

First off start by drawing two circles. One bigger for the Poke Ball and the other smaller for the base of Pikachu's head. Draw a curved line through the middle of the biggest circle.

Step 2.

Now draw two circles in the middle of the biggest one to make the button on the Poke Ball. Start off after that to draw the outline of Pikachu and his front paws.

Step 3.

Finish up with the outline of Pikachu's body, just take your time and go with the flow. Do his zig zag tail to finish it off.

Step 4.

Finally add the last minute details. His black tips on his ears, two small round eyes, his electric cheeks, mouth, back stripes and the tail patch that's brown. Also shape up to Poke ball a little.

Step 5.

Now your done. Erase the extra lines to touch him up and feel free to add a tuffle of hair on his head or a chunk of his tail gone. Try your own look for your own pikachu. You can add color now and there you have it your finished Pikachu! Thanks for    

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Artist: Carlene707
Date Added: September 3, 2009
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Tags: drawing chibis, drawing a chibi, how to draw chibi pokemon
Description: Everyone loves this cute heart warming guy :) This tutorial I made easy for people who wanna draw this cute fellow. He stars in the big show Pokemon as Ash's (His trainer) Pokemon who detests Poke balls so instead he travels around on his back. Enjoy