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How to Draw Bijou in Human Form

Artist: Carlene707 / September 3, 2009
How to Draw Bijou in Human Form

Step 1.

First off make a circle anywhere's on your page, this will turn out to be the main point in the drawing for everything goes around or in the circle as a guide. Next draw a line near the bottom of the circle at a slant to place where the eyes will lin   

Step 2.

Make a line down the middle of the circle, why? To make sure everything is centered, trust me it helps in the end. After that draw two more circles on the side of the big circle, these will turn out to be the ears later on.

Step 3.

Now draw the eyes, anime eyes are always fun to draw cuz you can draw them any way you want :P Draw the shape of her face and a tiny line for her mouth.

Step 4.

Now here is the fun part, drawing her hair. Anime hair is like the eyes, you can draw and shape it anyway you like, long, short, whatever your style is. For me I drew Bijou's hair short.

Step 5.

now that the hair is done you can add her cute bows with some little tuffs of hair hanging from them. Afterwards make her details of her sweater, the fur tuff around her neck, her hand and her arm.

Step 6.

Finally erase what you don't need and there you have it! Bijou as a human :P Add your own color and your all done. Thanks for following me through this tutorial everyone, I'll be making another one soon.

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Artist: Carlene707
Date Added: September 3, 2009
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Description: Everyone knows the fun and loving show hamtaro! if not... well than your crazy :P I use to watch this show all the time when I was little, about many hamster friends that would escape their cages during the day and hang out before their owners got back to notice they were gone. We has anyone ever wondered what they'd look like if they were half human half hamsters? I have so I drew Bijou because she has always been my by far favorite hamster. Sorry I took so long make a new tutorial, have a lot on my hands right now :) anyways enjoy.