How to Draw Chibi Master Chief

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To start this lesson on Chibi Master Chief you will need to draw a circle for his head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw the shape of the torso and then add the limb guidelines. Lastly draw the triangular shape for the pelvic area.


Now you will start sketching out the shapes and lines of chibi Master Chief's mask or head gear. Once the head gear is drawn out the way it looks here you can then move to the next drawing step which will take you to another level.


Now all you have to do here is draw out the outlined design to finish the design and sculpture of chibi Master Chiefs helmet and or headgear.


You will now start sketching out the torso of the chibi Master Chief which is covered by an armored suit. When you are done with this step you can move to the next fifth step to see what your last drawing step will involve.


Instead of drawing out the entire bottom half of chibi Master Chief you will just draw out the waist of his body. Again he is covered in head to toe body armor so all you will be drawing is a bunch of symmetrical lines.


Now this is your last drawing step. What you will do now is draw out the legs of this incredibly cute version of Master Chief in chibi form. Again make sure that the suit details are drawn out as you see here and then start erasing all the guidelines   


Here is your finished drawing on "how to draw chibi Master Chief step by step". All you have to do now is color him in and you are all done. See how fun that was? Great job and enjoy this tutorial.

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September 7, 2009

Description: I have found some really cool characters to turn into chibis. I was looking around for new ideas on the site and on the internet. I came across a few characters from movies and games that would make really cool chibis. In this first tutorial I will be showing you “how to draw chibi Master Chief step by step”. This tutorial came out so incredibly cool and it was actually requested by a few members in the live stream room last week. I figured I would draw chibi Halo because he is such a popular character from all the Halo franchise game series, and I know that he will absolutely blow up as a tutorial chibi style. I was going to draw his awesome gun but I decided that it would be easier and cooler if you were taught just the basic lesson on “how to draw chibi Master Chief step by step”. All the instructions and steps are laid out for an ultimate drawing experience. I think you will find that this chibi character is cool, epic, and absolutely fun. I will be back with one more character and it will be another chibi character this time from a movie instead of a game. I hope you guys have fun, and remember when you are done you can choose any kind of background for your chibi Master Chief. Peace out kiddies and happy drawing!

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