How to Draw Chibi Itachi

Artist: Dawn / August 25, 2009

Step 1.

To start this step for chibi Itachi start with a circle for his head and then draw in the facial gudielines. You will then draw the body's lines of motion which is just a frame to help you draw in the body shape and such.

Step 2.

You will start this second step by sketching out the shape and style of Itachi's hair as you see here. The hair is probably the only detailed part of this chibi that you will draw. Add some definition and detail and then draw in the eyes and mouth.

Step 3.

Finish off the eyes by drawing in the eyeballs and pupils. Draw an eyebrow for the right eye, and add some last minute detailing to his hair style. Chibi Itachi is simple to draw and I think you can see that. Next draw the shape of his exposed face a   

Step 4.

Finish the entire shape and style of his cloak and then add two more design shapes on his cloak. Next cap off the bottom and draw out the arm and or sleeve shape.

Step 5.

Here is your last drawing step and all you have to do is draw out the legs and chibi feet of chibi Itachi. Add some detailing on the legs and draw some small lines for the toes. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 6.

Here is Itachi when you are finished with him. All you need to do is color him in and you are done. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on "how to draw chibi Itachi from Naruto step by step".

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I knew that the chibi Naruto I submitted would do good. I figured that I would do another anime chibi character from Naruto and I think you will all agree that he is one of the cool cats of the show. I am going to show you “how to draw chibi Itachi" step by step”. I already have a regular tutorial on Itachi so why not a chibi version. Naruto is like one of the awesomeness shows around besides Death Note, and Bleach. I mean there are other anime series that are cool but these happen to be my favorite and or the only ones that I follow faithfully. Learning "how to draw a chibi" is one of the simplest things you can ever learn how to do. Chibi characters are small, round, and they are drawn with very little detail. Unless of course you are going for an epic drawing or sketch of your favorite anime chibi character. I love drawing chibi’s because they are wicked fun and bright. No matter if I am drawing chibi animals, chibi fruit, or chibi characters, it is always fun and exciting to do. I think that Itachi came out pretty cool because he retained his unfriendly look. I love how his face and cloak came out as well and I know you guys will have an awesome time learning “how to draw chibi Itachi step by step”. Well I guess that is all I have to say about this character since I already wrote all about Itachi in the real tutorial on him. If you would like to view that lesson, all you have to do is go in the anime category and click on characters. Okay, let me get out of here so you guys can tackle this submission. Peace out gang and happy drawing!