How to Draw Chibi Kyogre, Kyogre

Artist: Dawn / August 9, 2011

Step 1.

Make a circle for the head of the Pokemon, and then draw one line that is going to be for the body.

Step 2.

Now you will begin shaping out the actual head shape as well as get the top portion of the body drawn in which will be hoe to the dorsal fin.

Step 3.

Next, draw in the mouth which is slightly open, and then draw the belly or under neck area. Draw the two fins like so, and then make an eyeball.

Step 4.

Add some lines on the eyes, and then draw in a tongue, and some adolescent style teeth.

Step 5.

Now you will have to draw out the two front legs along with the square tipped nails or fingers. Draw the back end of the body which ends in the form of a tail.

Step 6.

All you have to do here is draw in the rake shaped tail fin. That's about it.

Step 7.

Draw in all the thick, bold, black lines after you have cleaned up your drawing, Thicken the lining around the eye, top part of the mouth, under the chin, and draw in markings on the two arms and dorsal fin.

Step 8.

You're all done guys, all that's left to do is coloring in the sketch. You have just finished this lesson on how to draw chibi Kyogre.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: August 9, 2011
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Description: So like, I have been getting these requests for tutorials on characters I’m not familiar with. I think it’s great because when I don’t know about a figure I will go out and read some background info on him/her, object, or an animal. I told you guys that I was going to submit a couple chibi figures right? Well here is the second of the two and it is going to be on "how to draw chibi Kyogre", step by step. This is another species that resembles an animal that we are familiar with. Can anyone guess what animal species looks like? A frog, that’s right! He is a blue colored water type Pokemon that is actually supposed to be based on a whale or dolphin. The dorsal fins suggest that this species is a fast swimmer. I had lots of fun making this tutorial on "how to draw chibi Kyogre". Hopefully you guys like this submission because I’m sure a fan of it. I have to catch a wave out of here for now, but I will swim back in when the tide breaks. Adios mi amigos and peace out!