How To Draw Chibi Juvia Lockser

Artist: lolligirl225 / July 17, 2016

Step 1.

In this first step, we will draw Juvia's head, simply a round circle with 2 indents in it, but don't draw a full circle because we want to add the hat on top. When drawing the hat, make sure you have the bottom line a teeny bit longer so we can add r   

Step 2.

In this next step, we will draw the details on her face. For the hair, draw a couple of curved lines going from a little above the indent to touching the bottom part of her hat. Also draw in the eyebrows, but make them thin. For the eyes, draw hearts   

Step 3.

In this 3rd step, we will draw her body. If you aren't sure of what the design on her pin is, it is the Fairy Tail symbol. As you can see, her hands are in a type of praying or admiration position. For the hands, they are simply a mirror image of eac   

Step 4.

For the final drawing step, we will draw the rest of her hair. Start from the bottom left or right hand corner of the hat and begin to draw the hair extending from it. Add the curls connecting to the hair from which you drew downward. Add a few curve   

Step 5.

Congrats! You have now made it to the final step! For this step, I will show you which colors I used for each part of Juvia. For her hat, coat, and sleeves, I used blue. For the sleeves, use the same blue but color a bit lighter. For her hair and the   

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Artist: lolligirl225
Date Added: July 17, 2016
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Tags: how to draw fairy tail characters, how to draw fairy tail
Description: Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at making a tutorial so I hope you all like it. This is just a cute chibi concept I came up with a while ago, and then I had the grand idea of making a tutorial on it.Inspiration and reference is from a Juvia chibi that you may have seen in the anime Fairy Tail. So, I hope you like this and have a lot of fun drawing.