How to Draw Plue from Fairy Tail

Artist: Dawn / January 19, 2015

Step 1.

Start off by simply drawing the head shape for Plue.

Step 2.

Then, using the head shape as a guideline, sketch in carefully, the nose shape.

Step 3.

Go ahead and draw the facials and use thin lines to sketch in the details for the nose which looks similar to a snow man's carrot.

Step 4.

Then, let's work on the body by sketching the arms and hands as well as the stomach shape.

Step 5.

To finish off the body, draw the legs and the two ball shaped feet. How cute!

Step 6.

Once everything looks good, go ahead and ink your drawing. You should have something very similar to this! Hopefully guys had fun with this lesson!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 19, 2015
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Description: I know there are a lot of Fairy Tail fans out there who love the anime as well as the characters from the series. Today I will show you how to draw Plue, step by step. Plue is a cute snowman who has a typical carrot for a nose and a more human like body then what we imagine a snowman to look. Plue belongs to Lucy and he is shy, friendly and happy. Drawing Plue will be a simple task so don't let me delay you from this project. I will return in a moment, but for now have fun with the lessons already submitted today.