How to Draw Female Natsu Dragneel


Draw three circles in total. Follow this image as best as you can, for it is the main outline and help for your art!


Now you'll draw the arm and vest. The hand follows along, too. It is simply a curved index finger, and the curved thumb.


I messed up on this one. I forgot to make it red XD. So you see the cape thing? Draw that with a loose hand. You'll draw part of the leg, too.


Legs are next. I hard a hard time with the legs. Try not to get the leg too small, but not too big. The aren't curvy, they are actually straight. The muscle in the back of the leg has more of a curve.


Now the fun part! The scarf is simply and semi-flowing. It falls easily, and is fairly easy to draw. The hair is a little choppy and spikey, giving your gender bent Natsu some spunk.


And now you're done! Fairly easy, correct? Erase the guide lines rom the first step, though. Please leave a comment....maybe some requests? That would be GREAT! ~Dragon_Slayer

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May 27, 2016

Description: This is my first tutorial (not requested) on Dragoart! Please enjoy!

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