How To Draw Mahiru Koizumi, Danganronpa Despair Arc


In this first step, we're gonna draw Mahiru's head. I drew this lightly in pencil, so I'm sorry if it's hard to see.


Next, we're gonna draw in her hair. Don't forget to draw in the ears, they are quite detailed on the inside.


Now, we're gonna draw in her face details. Her eyes are closed, and in case you cannot see, she has freckles.


Now, we'll start drawing in her clothes. So, you'll draw her shirt collar, part of her tie, and her right shoulder/arm sleeve.


Now, we'll draw in her right arm, which extends to the right.


Now, we will draw her camera. This is probably the most detailed part of this tutorial, so I suggest zooming in to the picture if you have to. Also, draw in the camera strap, and her other arm and hand, holding the camera. The words on the top of the   


Now you're on the final step! For this step, you'll draw in the rest of her left arm, tie, and jumper/dress. The design on the tie is plaid, or checkered.


Aaaaaaand this is how she should look in the end! Be sure to sign your artwork and date it (dating artwork is useful, because if you put it online, it's more likely not to get stolen). Also ink your drawing, so your lines look more bolder. I suggest    

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September 21, 2016

Description: Hello again everyone, I have another tutorial for you today! This is Mahiru Koizumi from the video game based anime Danganronpa: Despair Arc. She attends Hope's Peak High School, a school for those with elite talents. She is known as the Super High School Level Photographer. But little does she know that soon, she'll be part of the most Despair-Inducing Incident in history. I hope you enjoy this tutorial, have fun drawing!

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